API Host and Environments

Kable is accessible in Live and Test environments. You will have separate API keys to access each environment.

You should only use Kable's Live environment for your own production data. Any configured non-production environments you may use should use Kable's Test environment.

API Protocols and Headers

All requests to the Kable API are made over HTTPS TLS v1.2+ to ensure security. Calls made over HTTP will fail. Any requests without proper authentication will also fail.

The Kable API uses standard JSON for requests and responses. Be sure to set both the Content-Type and Accept headers on each request to application/json.

Each Kable API response includes a requestId as the X-REQUEST-ID response header where possible. The requestId is included regardless whether the API request succeeded or failed. You can use this requestId to help with debugging or when contacting support regarding a specific API call.

API Authentication

All requests to the Kable API are authenticated using API keys. You can find your keys on the Company page of your dashboard.

You must provide your Kable Client ID as the KABLE-CLIENT-ID header and your secret key as the KABLE-CLIENT-SECRET header on each request to Kable. If you are using a language-specific Kable library, you will initialize the SDK using these keys.


Kable as an Authentication Provider

If you use Kable as an authentication provider for your API, your customers will also have a set of API keys managed by Kable as well. These "customer keys" are different from what are described here, and are further explained in the Kable for API Authentication section.

Note that not everyone uses Kable as an Authentication Provider, so this callout may not be relevant to you.

API Versioning

All Kable endpoints are versioned. After the host, each API can be found at /api/vX/... where X is the API version.

We strive to ensure that changes to the Kable API are backward compatible. Sometimes, though, we must break from older design paradigms to make the product better. When this happens, a new version of the API is released.

The current version of Kable is v1.