Connect Kable to your accounting software

Kable integrates with your existing business tools to create a complete financial picture in your accounting software and general ledger.

Simply connect your accounting software to Kable, link your customers to their accounts in your general ledger, and Kable will push invoices into any of our supported integrations.

Connect Your Accounting Software

Connecting your general ledger to Kable is easy. First, select your service provider from the Accounting tab of your Kable dashboard. Here you will authorize Kable to read and write accounting data -- this is a one-time linking process that grants Kable permission to read and write data to your general ledger.


Accounting integrations are only available to Kable customers on a paid plan.

Once you've connected your accounting software to Kable you'll be able to link customer accounts across services.

Link Customer Accounts

Once you've connected your general ledger to Kable, you can link Kable customers to customer accounts on external systems.

From the Customers page of your dashboard, find the customer you'd like to link. Navigate to the Integrations tab for the customer, and scroll down to Accounting integrations.

Here you'll be able to link your Kable customer to their account in your general ledger. Add the customer's reference ID from your accounting software, and Kable will establish a link with the appropriate customer in your external system. You can learn more about customer reference IDs for any of our supported integrations below.

Supported Integrations

Find additional details about your specific choice of accounting software below:

If you use another accounting software provider that we do not yet support, please let us know.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is one of the most popular choices of accounting service provider among software companies. To find the correct customer reference ID in QuickBooks, simply navigate to the customer's page in your QuickBooks account.

You'll find your customer's QuickBooks ID referenced as nameId in the QuickBooks URL.Drivr App has a customer reference ID of 28 in the screenshot above.

Processing Invoices

Kable automatically pushes invoices into your general ledger for configured customers. Once a Kable customer is configured with an accounting integration reference ID, Kable will push any invoices associated with that customer into the appropriate customer account in your accounting software.


It can take several minutes for an invoice generated on Kable to process all the way into your general ledger.

If you have questions about integrating Kable with your accounting software, please let us know.