Follow these steps to implement Kable within your Go API.

Estimated completion: 10 minutes

See the latest version or contribute at:

Implement Kable

package main

import (

// Initialize Kable with fields found on your Company page in the dashboard
var kableClient *kable.Kable = kable.New(
        KableClientId:     "<YOUR_KABLE_CLIENT_ID>",
        KableClientSecret: "<YOUR_KABLE_CLIENT_SECRET>",
        Debug:             true,
        MaxQueueSize:      20,

func api(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
    // record data from within your API
        ClientId: "yourcompanyuser_1234567890",
        Data:     map[string]interface{}{"userId": "xyz123"},
    json.NewEncoder(w).Encode(map[string]string{"message": "Data has been recorded by Kable!"})