Managing features, permissions, and customer access rules


Entitlements are features or permissions that control what and how customers interact with your product.

Entitlements are a great way to easily iterate on the way you package your product offering. Entitlements can be used to define and manage customer access in a variety of ways:

  • Feature toggles for a new A/B test can be controlled with entitlements
  • Whitelabeling for embeddable components may be enabled or disabled with an entitlement
  • Rate limits for a given endpoint may be controlled with an entitlement
  • Access to premium support channels may be gated with an entitlement
  • Thresholds for account access or trial consumption may be configured with entitlements

Pricing and Packaging with Entitlements

Great teams iterate often on pricing and packaging of offers. As a product grows and new capabilities are developed, managing access and monetization of those features can be a challenge.

Entitlements help put you in control of access rules and permissions to features within your product. If you're thinking about introducing new tiers of service with different rate limits, use a Rate Limit entitlement to control throttling thresholds for different cohorts of customers. If you're thinking about granting permission to some endpoint to just a subset of customers, use an Endpoint Enabled entitlement to gate access.

Your product is always evolving. Each new feature is an opportunity to drive increased revenue and improved engagement. Entitlements are your control center for packaging features into the plans you sell.

Using Entitlements

To use entitlements on Kable, simply describe the feature or permission you'd like to manage. At their core, they are key-value pairs that describe some entitlement within your product. When configuring entitlements, you'll include both an externalId and datatype -- these settings will be reflected in API responses you may use while leveraging entitlements.

To gate customer access to a feature or API endpoint, attach an entitlements to a plan. With each plan entitlement, you can set a value in the configured datatype, and leverage that value within your product. Any customers subscribed to a given plan will reflect configured entitlements accordingly.