Who are the consumers of your API?


Customers are the consumers of your API.

They can be developers, applications, businesses, or anyone who uses your API. When a new customer signs up to use your API, you should create a customer on Kable.

Customers can be created from the Customers tab in your dashboard or programmatically through the API.

NameAPI FieldDescription
IDcustomerIdA Kable-defined identifier for each customer (which you don't need to store).
Client IDclientIdA unique, immutable identifier for the customer, defined by you. This should correspond to the customer identifier inside your API.

When recording usage metrics in Kable, you must include the customer's clientId in every usage event.
NamecompanyNameA human-readable name of the customer. Customer names will appear in dashboards, on invoices, and in reports.
CurrencycurrencyThe customer's default currency. Only one currency per customer is supported.
StatusstatusThe customer's current state. Valid values are ACTIVE and CANCELLED.
Next Invoice DatenextInvoiceDateThe date of the customer's next invoice, if any.
PlansplansA collection of plans to which this customer is currently subscribed. Learn more about plans here.