Customer Plans

How should each customer be billed?


Customer Plans are the plans to which a given customer is subscribed.

Customer plans, along with the usage metrics you record, determine how much a customer will pay in a given invoice cycle. If a customer has no customer plans, then they will not be charged.

Plans can be assigned to customers manually from the Customers tab in your dashboard or programmatically through the API.


A quick note about the Kable Data Model

Kable takes a fine-grained approach to designing metrics, plans, and invoices. This allows you to re-use plans across customers while still having granular control to define one-offs for new enterprise contracts.

On Kable:

  • each plan corresponds to a single dimension
  • each plan corresponds to a single invoice line item
  • each plan can have multiple price tiers
  • each customer may be subscribed to multiple plans


It is common for a single customer to be subscribed to many customer plans. Read more about the Kable data model here.

To illustrate an example, consider the following example of Moneylion, a financial API that helps fintech apps connect to customer bank accounts, who charges its customers:

  • $500 per month as a base subscription fee for using the service
  • $2 per month per active user on the platform
  • $0.10 per API request

For each customer, Moneylion would assign three customer plans:

  • a flat base fee of $500 per month
  • a usage-based unit price of $2 per month based on the distinct count of active users
  • a usage-based unit price of $0.10* per month based on the count of requests


Notice the presence of a price type, price, currency, dimension, aggregation, and interval for each of the plans above. These are all values you'll define when creating plans in the dashboard.