Customer Integrations

Processing customer invoices through payment and accounting integrations


Customer integrations enable Kable to automatically process customer invoices through your connected payment or accounting software.

Customer integrations can only be configured once a payment or accounting software provider has been connected to Kable. Before you can configure customer-level links to your external providers, you must connect your Company account to the provider.


If you haven't already, you should read our sections on Payment Integrations and Accounting Integrations on Kable before continuing here.

Payment Integrations

Kable has partnered with Stripe to enable automatic payment processing and invoice collections of customer invoices. If you use Stripe for payments, integrating your Stripe account with Kable is easy.


You can learn more about connecting your Stripe account to Kable in the Payment Integrations section of the documentation.

Connecting Kable Customers to Stripe Customers

Once you've connected your Kable account to Stripe, you can connect Kable customers to Stripe customers. You do this by attaching a Stripe customer ID to your Kable customer. These Stripe reference identifiers allow Kable to process customers invoices through Stripe on your behalf.

  • If you have existing Stripe customers, you can attach an existing Stripe customer_id to a Kable customer on the Integrations section of the customer page on Kable.
  • Alternatively, if you're new to Stripe, Kable can automatically create new Stripe customers on your behalf by passing the stripe parameter into the Kable create customer API.

Invoicing through Stripe

Once a Kable customer is linked, invoices generated for that customer are automatically processed through Stripe.

Automatic Charge Invoices

You should use automatic charges for customers who keep a credit card on file with your business. This is the most popular option for product-led growth APIs with self-service onboarding experiences.

If you don't already have a payment method on file in Stripe for a given customer, you can also use Kable to collect a credit card. Using the Kable add customer payment method API within your signup flow will allow customers to add a payment method to store in Stripe.


When using automatic charge invoices with Stripe, your customers must be configured with a default payment method. If a customer is missing a default payment method, invoices will fail to process through Stripe with a requires_payment_method error. By default, Kable will try to set any new customer payment methods as the customer's default.

Accounting Integrations

Kable is integrated with a number of popular accounting software providers to help you keep your general ledger up to date with all customer invoices and payments.


You can learn more about connecting your accounting software to Kable in the Accounting Integrations section of the documentation.

Linking Kable Customers to your General Ledger

Once you've connected your accounting software to Kable, you can link individual customer accounts. You do this by attaching the provider's referenceId to your Kable customer in the Integrations section of the customer page. These reference identifiers allow Kable to record customers invoices in your general ledger.