Collections of plans to offer your customers


Bundles are collections of plans that facilitate management of plans across customers.

Bundles often correspond to the packages you offer on your pricing page. If you offer different tiers of service, each consisting of several billable components, those top-level packages are Bundles, while the inner billable components are Plans.

Let's use an example to illustrate. Assume Mailman advertises three different offerings on their website like the following:

Base FeeFree$499/month$1399/month
Monthly Active UsersUp to 1,000Up to 25,000
Additional users cost $0.50 each
SMS Text Messages10,000 included
Additional messages cost $0.15 each
100,000 included
Additional messages cost $0.12 each
1,000,000 included
Additional messages cost $0.10 each
WhatsApp MessagesNot included1,000,000 included
Additional messages cost $0.05 each
10,000,000 included
Additional messages cost $0.03 each
Customer SupportNot includedEmail Support24/7 Phone Support

In the example above, Mailman has configured 3 distinct bundles, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. Each bundle contains a set of plans (the Professional bundle contains a Base Plan and plans priced on Users, SMS Texts, and WhatsApp messages). Notice that the pricing for each plan is defined independently of the bundle itself -- this fine-grained model allows you to easily adjust pricing for individual offerings or customers.


You can learn more about the Kable data model and how plans and bundles fit together earlier in the documentation.

Bundle Customers and Billing

Bundles facilitate managing plans across customers. When you add a bundle to a customer, that customer has all associated plans added to their subscription. Similarly, removing a bundle from a customer removes all associated plans from the customer.


FAQ: Do I need to define both Bundles and Plans in order to use Kable?

No. Pricing and billing on Kable are based on plans, not bundles. You can always achieve your desired pricing without configuring bundles by assigning plans individually to customers. Bundles are there to help you manage plans across customers.

Credit Overage Costs

Each bundle definition may also contain a credit overage cost, which will override your configured default credit overage amount (relevant only if you include credit-based plans in the bundle).

If a customer who is subscribed to a bundle has any credit overages in a given month, their overage costs will be calculated using this credit overage cost.

You can learn more about credit overage amounts here.


Pricing Model Consultations

Kable offers free pricing model and consultations to all of our customers. We encourage all Kable customers to schedule a free consult with us before going to production.